• Software Testing Consultancy

    Software Testing Consultancy

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  • Users Finding Defects in your Code?

    Users Finding Defects in your Code?

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  • IPQA Software Testing Specialsts

    IPQA Software Testing Specialsts

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IPQA provides Software Testing Consultancy Services to help you achieve software deliveries within your Time, Cost and Quality constraints

Software Testing Consultancy and Services

IPQA is a company providing unrivalled Software Test Consultancy across many sectors, including Finance, Mobile, Internet, Legal and Utilities.

We perform as little or as much of your testing activities as you choose.

You may prefer to have our experts Advise on Testing Best Practice or supply a full Testing Managed Service.

Bespoke Software Tester Training and Coaching

All testers need to keep up to date. Some find it easier than others.

That’s where IPQA fits in by offering Tailored Software Testing Training and Coaching – even in the comfort of your own office.

As a leading software testing services provider, our consultancy provides training specific to your organisation’s work environment and your objectives.

Cloud Hosted Testing and Test Environments

We have teamed up with some great technical wizards and now offer Cloud Hosted Testing Environments.

Of course, as a test consultancy we can also Test your Cloud Based Applications for you.

Choosing our Hosting and our Testing Professionals saves you a large overhead leaving you to simply plan the go-live date.

Professional Software Tester Recruitment

We have a vast network of highly qualified and experienced Software Testing Professionals and associates. By tapping into these resources in the software testing market we are able to find the right match for you.

No matter whether you are looking for a Test Manager or Test Analyst in Agile Mobile Application Development or in V-Model Client Server Projects.

Part 2 – 6 Tips For Enhancing Your Software Testing Team

Part 2 – 6 Tips For Enhancing Your Software Testing Team

I wrote this post on enhancing your software testing team recently and received much great feedback. It was apparent there was scope for at least 6 more tips! So here is Part 2 - 6 Tips For Enhancing Your Software Testing Team. 1....
Have you thought about your snoozing user?

Have you thought about your snoozing user?

One piece of software I worked on had a user-reported defect. We missed it in testing but our user (ONE out of hundreds) had found it. He had fallen asleep with his nose pressed onto the keyboard! It was...
6 Tips for Enhancing Your Software Testing Team

6 Tips for Enhancing Your Software Testing Team

Software testers are great and a team of them is even better but if that team is not well oiled, collaborative and happy then you really are missing out on some of their potential effectiveness. I have noticed a...